Accord Cremation and Burial Orange County Cremation and Burial Low Cost

Accord Cremation and Burial Provides:

Affordable Cremation and Burial service in: Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County and Riverside County.

Simple Cremation from $755 Total Cost
Direct Burial from $890

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Our Promise

We promise to respectfully take every measure to protect and maintain the Dignity of the loved one lost. We promise to diligently earn the Trust, to the highest degree, that each family places in us. And, we promise to uphold and strengthen the Integrity of our profession and principals under which we practice.


Our Mission

Serving greater Southern California for Twenty Four years, Accord Cremation And Burial Services is a small yet progressive mortuary group. Accord Services has a very different concept and approach to funeral arrangements, serving those in need with a philosophy quite unlike our colleagues and the generations before them. We have made every effort to present our information and the services we offer clear, concise and simple to understand, as many of the families we serve have never been through this process before. We believe each family we serve should be presented with all the options available, followed by a brief education and understanding of what they may or may not require. Our goal is to alleviate any unnecessary expense, in addition to providing the highest quality of personal and compassionate service without compromise, at the lowest possible cost.